MOBAATIF:- “Masjid Omar Ben Abdel Aziz”, The Islamic Foundation Inc. provides Islamic Funeral Services:

A) To ensure no Post Mortem is done on the body unless a Police case which there is nothing we can do.
B) Washing / Shrouding
C) Transportation
D) Salaatul Janaaza
E) All Burial rights will be performed at the – New Jersey & Long Island, Cemeteries.
F) Financial Assistance, according to the legitimate proof of the deceased family needs.

MEMBERSHIP:  The Masjid membership is $100.00 per. Calender year.
For the year 2009 & 2010 membership has been waived. To enjoy free membership you must fill out the membership form and return it for approval.

Please note:- The Imam and The Board of Trustees has the right to accept membership and to terminate membership at any time.

Membership Benefits: 
Extend to all family members for the entire Year 2009-2010.

A) Qur’anic Reading
B) Marriage can be performed at the Masjid or any other location.
(Legal Marriage ceremonies with NY State Certificate and Nikah with Nikah Certificate will be provided by the Imam Mohamed Azeem Khan who is  a legal Marriage Officer with the State of New York)
C) Aqeeqah / child birth ceremonies
D) Janaza / Funeral:- The Masjid facilities can be used for the Mourning Period.
The Salaatul- Janaza (Prayer) can be preformed at the Masjid.
E) Kitchen facilities for cooking during the year.  Ramadan and any programs.
F) Family and individual counseling. Prison and Hospital visits.
G) Free Madressa Classes for the children on Saturdays.
H) Free Arabic classes on Monday and Thursday’s.
I) Special Programs for Muslims and Non Muslim Women.
J) Masjid Parking facilities in Masjid parking lot and on special occasions on 161 and 162 Street with special permission from DOT and the Police.
K) Islamic Calender
L) Free English, Mathematics, Geography. History of the United States for Citizenship Test and preparation for the Test.

All members must fill out a (Membership Application Form) the form must be approved by Board of Trustees.